Wednesday, August 15, 2012

To The Next Journey

First steps are always unusual. Sometimes weird too. Even if you have walked a long distance, a new journey is always a new task, a new level and a new experience altogether. My experience with my previous blog,, has been of a closely-associated one. I gave 7 years of my life to that blog, gave my heart to the content and my soul to let it reach to a wider audience. I nurtured it like a baby, and we grew up together. It's a deeply emotional moment for me. It was all a pleasant journey until my last blog on The Burma Massacre, where thousands of people lost their lives and property in a large scale attack based on ethnic-issues. The blog went viral, and then it died.

Though the reason is still unclear but efforts to revive it have gone in vain..and all the connections have timed out. After ten days of speculation and contemplation, it was wise to move on. And this post is a proof that I did. And hopefully it's for the better. And hopes are also to create the same environment to put in my posts and to raise the standards of what I put in here. I still abide by my philosophy to put in whatever touches my heart, affects me in one way or the another. And if they again ban my posts, a new blog will be coming up soon. Maybe a v3.0 or something around that line.

With all the points drawn and the slate clean, it's time to etch some new, better stories, to reach out more and touch more and more hearts! Please keep up the blessings and wishes as that is the reason these words are visible on your screen. Help the blog improve by sending in your feedback and keep following the journey which has just started..

Thank You for your continued support.

P.S- This blog is still a 'work-in-progress' project, and a kind of make-shift workshop right now, which will function with nip-and-tucks until I get this new setup well-furnished to build upon. Keep checking this space for more.