Monday, February 24, 2014

AIESEC: Bringing Ideas Together

AIESEC! in Delhi University organized an event - Global Village - at Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon on 13th February 2014. The event was a melting pot ofcultures, with AIESEC interns from all around the world coming together at one place. These interns work in the country for 5-6 weeks, embrace India's colourful heritage and leave behind some of their own as well.
With a number of stalls put up that represented various countries like Egypt, China, Afghanistan etc, the interns showcased their patriotism with the help ofnative food, clothing, and souvenirs. They also put up dance performances for an incredibly excited audience at Kingdom of Dreams, who were happily snapping pictures of the show.
People in the audience had a great time interacting with the foreign interns and learning about their cultures. A lot of the interns gave away little bearings and baubles from their countries to the visitors. This, along with Kingdom of Dreams launching their economy ticket for Rs. 500, lead to an abundance of smiles.
You too, can experience the same extravaganza with AIESEC by being a leader, making an impact on society and going for the Youth Global Entrepreneur Program. As a college student, this is what enables one to shine brighter than the others."

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